Carmelkats At Home

Our alters who are pets have totally free run of my home. We include lots of scratching surfaces, high walking and perching spaces, as Burmese love to view the world. Studs live in appropriate housing with multi-level perches in the cat room (a bedroom also used as butler’s pantry, tool room and bath, where they are frequently visited throughout the day). The rooms will soon have elevated runs, so the cats can enjoy the four wonderful Arkansas seasons.

Cat housing - Carmelkats Burmese Cattery

Females, when in season and with kittens, are confined to double-decked cages with hammocks, beds and toys situated in the center of my home. Friends have gotten used to being swatted by little paws as we sit around the table sharing a cup of hot coffee.

The nursery and isolation cat station is my bedroom. All romp happily in the house from the age of 3 months until it’s time to leave for your home (after 16 weeks). On sunny days we all enjoy the fresh air on my spacious deck, which is elevated some 20 feet off the ground – well away from predators such as snakes.

Burmese cats on bed - Carmelkats Burmese Cattery

Of course my service dog, Josie, helps to raise every litter and proudly settles all cat quarrels with one stern Labrador woof! Your kitten grows up in this environment. We feed a mid-range quality food with no corn, canned food once a day as a treat, and we use Internasal 3-in-one vaccines. We visit our vet for health checkups and problems. Carmelkats is not a perfect cattery setup; there is no home cattery that is, but like so many others it is a home, where the Burmese is celebrated and loved.